We are convinced that every creative idea is born from the knowledge and understanding of the environment, users and the market; This is how we manage to create innovative, high-value solutions.


We analyze the market and based on the information obtained, we define the problem; finding new alternatives and strategic ideas that lead us to make Assertive decisions.


We draw up the action plan, applying the methodology of the SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and within the timeline).


We implement the strategic approach, aiming at innovative solutions and managing the actions defined for the fulfillment of our objectives.


Our foundation is that everything that can be measured can be improved; This is why we provide our clients with indicators that allow us to enhance our results.

We apply the methodology I + P + P + E + M creating measurable strategies, with scalable results, in all our services.


More I + P + P + E + M

Have you thought about developing your website?

At Assertivo we create your site strategically oriented to:







Do you know the possibilities of online sales?

We develop your virtual E-commerce store

Shopping cart

Admin. Users

Inventory management

Wish list

Payment methods

Shipping settings

Do you have a store or website, without impacting your results?

We strategically manage your website

+ User Experience

Admin + Content

Email Automation

Competitor analysis

Marketplaces integration

Results measurement

Are you looking to create a community around your brand?

We create strategies and digital experiences:

(Better practices)

Definition of objectives

Pattern optimization

Buyer Personas Identification

Content creation

Results analytics

Are you looking for a digital business partner to drive your innovative business idea?

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