For us the MARKETING is

the constant search for innovation, creativity, human relationships and the whole set of virtues that brings together the art of communication, changing the way we see and perceive the world.

Marketing is essentially Transmuting something and making it come to life, giving it true value.

Santiago JP.

(Marketer and Web UX Developer)

We apply the methodology I + P + P + E + M creating measurable strategies, with scalable results, in all our services.


We are convinced that every creative idea is born from the knowledge and understanding of the environment, users and the market; This is how we manage to create innovative, high-value solutions.


We analyze the market and based on the information obtained, we define the problem; finding new alternatives and strategic ideas that lead us to make Assertive decisions.


We draw up the action plan, applying the methodology of the SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and within the timeline).


We implement the strategic approach, aiming at innovative solutions and managing the actions defined for the fulfillment of our objectives.


Our foundation is that everything that can be measured can be improved; This is why we provide our clients with indicators that allow us to enhance our results.

Strategic Orientation


To be a benchmark company in the creation of Assertive business models, based on solid alliances with passionate entrepreneurs with their commercial proposal.


In 2022 the I + P + P + E + M methodology of Assertive Marketing will be used as a process for the creation of effective business models.


Have a high value of commitment to our clients and partners, constantly training us in order to develop suitable projects for our partner companies.